Standard Cost
4 Human Treatments
Suitable  for on going maintenance plan
6 Human Treatments
Suitable for family members or ongoing issues such as menopause / asthma
4 Equine Treatments
Single horse only over a year – great for on going maintenance
6 Equine Treatments
Suitable for multiple horses on one yard, taken on the same day
4 Human + 4 Equine treatments
Single horse and rider only over one year
6 Human + 6 Equine treatments
Best for yard with multiple horses and riders!
Suitable for a yard with multiple horses and riders and can be taken over two days and paid for at the time.  £74 per horse and rider combo and not £90


Terms and Conditions

  1. Payments must be acrrued before treatments are taken
  2. Monthly payments must be made by BACS transfer, every month, into the designated account
  3. Multiple Equine treatments can be taken on one day and paid for at the time to obtain the discount
  4. Treatments must be taken within 12 months of the agreement
  5. Price paid is for treatments only – some travel costs may be incurred
  6. Special offers cannot be taken in retrospect

Standard Charges

The charge for a human treatment at Bardley Bowen is £35.
The charge for a human treatment at The Centre for Integral Health in Shrewsbury is £45.
If you would like me to travel to you (human treatment), I will still charge you £35 per treatment but I will add a nominal sum to cover travel costs.
There is the option of a ‘Taster Session’ at Bardley Bowen, which will be £15 and will only last 20 minutes.
The charge for an equine treatment at your yard is £45 + travel costs.

Please contact Vicky directly to discuss a quote for your treatment.

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