About Vicky


Vicky Franklin

I have been playing sport and riding horses since I could walk.

I wanted to start my equine training when I left school, but my parents advised me to go to University, which resulted in a BEng and an MSc in engineering.

To reach my goal of treating Horses and Riders, I had to start with the Human Bowen.

To my surprise, I loved it. It was not just a means to an end (treating horses) it was totally satisfying in itself, and I still love the effect that Bowen has on my human clients. I qualified with the European College of Bowen Studies in April 2013 and after an intense period of training, I qualified as an Equine Bowen Therapist in May 2015 – probably the most satisfying qualification I have ever achieved !

Many people contact me as they have been recommended by a friend, and the variety of conditions that I have treated, and continue to treat, is huge.   I am immensely proud that I am able to use The Bowen Technique to help so many people, horses and horse and rider combinations.

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