Bardley Bowen

Vicky Franklin cert ECBS ESEBT SCBT
Bowen Technique Practitioner

Telephone: 07976 750987

I am a member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists. They offer support and guidance particularly with Continuous Personal Development.
These two web pages support the main Bowen colleges within the UK. Although I trained with ECBS for my Human Bowen, both web pages will give more information on Bowen.
These two web pages support the main colleges of Equine Bowen within the UK, and more information can be obtained within.
Natural Therapist is a central hub supporting alternative and complimentary therapists, as well as providing a wide spectrum of relevant information.
The web page of Alastair McLoughlan’s wonderful ‘Art of Bowen’
The web page of Graham Pennington, one of the worlds Bowen Masters.
The web site for the School of Canine Bowen Therapy.