Bardley Bowen

Vicky Franklin cert ECBS ESEBT SCBT
Bowen Technique Practitioner

Telephone: 07976 750987

The Treatment

I have a duty of care to your horse, and I am able to advise on the whole care of your animal. I will look at all aspects of your horse’s routine, which will also include feet, feeding and tack fitting. Unless the animal is in extreme suffering, at no point however, will I force my opinion on you. I will advise and I am happy to do so.

In all reality, your horse is going to be different after a Bowen treatment
It is difficult to judge how they are going to feel, but you can make their recovery far more effective by following some simple rules for the 24 hrs immediately after a treatment

  • Turn out as much as possible – don’t stable them
  • Access to fresh water – they will drink more
  • Encourage movement – if they are turned out, encourage them to walk around, possibly by moving hay nets or re-siting the water bucket. If they have to be stabled, lead them out for a walk and graze for approx 20 minutes every hour or so. Movement is really key to recovery!

There are some normal post treatment effects:-

Within 24 hours:-

  • Drinking more water than normal
  • Rolling more
  • Galloping around
  • Sleeping more

Please try not to groom them, touch them or ride them for the first 24 hrs. Turn them out and leave them alone!! Bring them back the day after and for 48 hrs, be gentle – a gentle hack for example. After 48 hrs, kick on!